So I showed up to Copenhagen last night, and my host (this British guy Rob I met through had a huge, delicious dinner and beers waiting for me.  We stayed up drinking and watching “The Pianist”.  This guy is a trip and probably the greatest host alive – the dinner and beers from last night alone were more than worth the $30 or so I’m paying per night to stay there. Very good life decision on my part.

A side note: it doesn’t get completely dark until about 11pm, and it starts getting light out again around 3am.  I forgot that was a thing in Scandinavia. Other interesting tidbits: they are not on the Euro here, they use the Danish krone – which seems to have been a good decision because everything here is super expensive. I might take the train into Malmo, Sweden, today (only 20 minutes) – apparently the bridge is pretty cool and I can check another country off my list (sort of).  Unfortunately, Sweden uses a different currency.


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