First Night in Vienna

I am going to get a memory card for my camera tomorrow so I can start taking pictures.  This city is incredible.  The whole city center is like a giant palace with grand parks and beautiful neoclassical architecture. I’m staying with a girl I met on called Pari (who, coincidentally, is from Turkey) and the place is only about a 20-30 minute walk from all the museums and such.  There’s even a piano in the room.

I went to see “Romeo und Julia” at the Burgtheater tonight.  Our course, knowing no German, I can only guess … but it seemed like a pretty contemporary translation of Shakespeare to me.  Lots of cuts and the language, for the most part, seemed pretty conversational, though that could have just been the delivery. The visuals were striking, I wish I could have taken photos.  There was a big, shallow pool of water in the middle of the stage surrounded by metallic, industrial pillars, and there was a glass box that went up and down center-stage and served as Juliet’s bedroom/balcony and, later, her tomb. Spectacular stage combat (including a couple sword fight in the water) and the actors were great – particularly the guy playing Mercutio had a great physical presence.

The Burgtheater is incredible.  I’ve never seen a theater like it, certainly not in the US.  The lobby is palatial, not to mention the house.  I had a seat in the boxes, which was awesome – there was a special door that led to my box, and the each box had a little ante-chamber with a couch and a mirror.  And the ticket was only 5 Euros!  The refreshment prices weren’t too bad either … I got a beer before the performance for 3 Euros.  If only America cared about theater!


2 thoughts on “First Night in Vienna

  1. Sounds like you picked a good show to see. And since you know it so well, not knowing the language is not so tragic. I assume you meant “Romeo and Juliet,” not “Romeo and Julia.” That really would be an updated version!

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