Back at the Airport

Well, here I am again at the Istanbul airport.  I got totally ripped off getting here, spent nearly $100 on a taxi because I got super confused by the public transit system and was running out of time. Score one for Turkey.

Istanbul is an amazing place.  I wish I could have had more time here.  Pictures coming as soon as my friends upload photos.

I have to get my camera set up for the rest of my trip.  Unfortunately, all the instructions are in Turkish (though it is an American camera, Olympus, I believe) so that could be a difficult task.

I didn’t get a first-hand look, for obvious reasons, but it looks like, from the news, the protests are continuing and growing here.  Not so much in Istanbul as in Ankara and elsewhere.  I wish my Turkish theater friends, many of whom are out there protesting, the best.


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